Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

  • The scholarship shall be known as the Mary Porcari Brady Memorial Scholarship.
  • The primary purpose of these funds is to provide scholarships in support of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation’s mission.
  • The specific purposes of these funds are as follows:

The Mary Porcari Brady Memorial Scholarship will be a restricted fund awarded to eligible recipients pursuing a Nursing or Health Sciences degree who are from or are attending school on the east coast specifically in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina states.

All students who are selected and accept this scholarship shall be required to remain in satisfactory academic standing, as determined by the Foundation, and abide by the code of good conduct and the rules and regulations governing student behavior at their school of enrollment. The Foundation reserves the right to cancel the scholarship of any student who fails to meet these requirements

First Marine Scholarship Recipient

What do you get when you mix the motivated daughter of two Marines with the support of MCSF investors like you? A very grateful scholarship recipient who is on her way to becoming a pediatric doctor!

Meet Simona Richard, daughter of Sergeant Major Jimmy Richard USMC and veteran Staff Sergeant Nicole Richard USMC. Simona is a rising Sophomore at Howard University and is studying nursing with a minor in allied sciences. She plans on becoming a pediatric registered nurse and ultimately, a pediatric doctor.

Coming from an active-duty military family, Simona is used to change. She credits the Marine Corps for teaching her to be resilient and adaptable and recognizes that change is a normal part of life. Her parents are her role models, and she says that they motivate her to be a positive member of society.

Simona is very appreciative of the scholarship assistance she’s received. “I got into a very prestigious private school and our tuition is very high and continues to rise. I’m grateful for every dollar of the scholarship that I got,” she said. “I definitely would not be where I am without it.”